provocateur : \prō-ˌvä-kə-ˈtər\: one who provokes

The Business I'm In
Executive Coaching

Sheila challenges her Executive Coaching clients, who are already great and doing what it takes, to do it more masterfully; to discover their best game; to take a good look at where they, themselves, might get in their own way so they can do something about it.

She supports leaders in building honest, mutually supportive relationships and equipping them to teach others that relationships don’t need to be pretty to be real. Only with a team willing to engage in disagreement and discovery can the best leaders really see vision through to fruition.

Sheila invites clients to a higher level of impact through:

Increased Awareness
Masterful influence
Artful communication
Clarity and Alignment
Conflict Management 
Crisis Management

'The best evaluation I have ever seen! You knew the risks to everyone involved and you did an amazing job of balancing the risks and translating how much everyone wants [him] to succeed with a hard hitting message that you didn’t blunt in any way…' - regarding a CEO Evaluation

'That was the toughest CEO Evaluation interview I've ever been made me work was great!' - Board member regarding that same CEO evaluation

Board Work

Sheila challenges Directors to raise the bar and engage at the highest level within their unique context, knowing no two Boards are just alike, and that each Director comes to the table with unique experience, skills and wisdom to be leveraged.

She helps these men and women who govern great organizations remember why it’s worth caring, and the joy of serving well through effective governance that creates value for all stakeholders.

Sheila supports Boards through:

Board Retreats
Board Evaluations
Director Evaluations
CEO Evaluations

' did a stellar job. The other things that keeps shining through is that your heart is really in this. It isn't just a job... I can tell you care as much as I do.' -Chairman of the board of a $2billion organization


Sheila helps groups and teams harness the highest-level thinking in the room, and turn it into meaningful action and great outcomes. She challenges, inspires and provokes dialogue that can't happen anywhere else.  And she supports  relationship building amongst participants, in part by reminding participants that fruitful  connection doesn't always look like friendship, though it can.

She is committed to solid advance planning, and follow up, to support outcomes that actually have value two weeks, six months, 1 year down the road.

Sheila facilitates:

Senior Team Retreats
Board Retreats
Conflict Resolution Process

'The retreat was a tremendous success... You held us accountable and held the right conversations... Our best retreat in years... Thank you for your agility, vision and focus on quality.' - SVP HR for a national retailer